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Practice Philosophy

Edquity-Minded Consulting’s services are grounded in Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry which focuses on personal or organizational change from a strength-based lens in tandem with the principles of equity-mindedness. Equity-Mindedness calls to action, executive leaders to evaluate and respond to organizational practices that may not be yielding the desired results due to inequities typically found in systemic structures, policies, and practices over which they typically can control.

Additionally, Black Feminist Thought, Critical Consciousness, the CTFAR coaching model, Intersectionality, and Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) are coupled with Dr. Scott's unique lived experience and serve as theoretical underpinnings for her delivery methods. This combination of these unique theoretical approaches allow for EMC to offer individualized, “do-it-with-you” best practice solutions to meet our client’s needs with psychological safety, equity, and inclusion at the forefront.