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Edquity-Minded Consulting (EMC) is on a mission to empower and equip employees and leaders with strategies that foster authentic belonging in the workplace.

Each training opportunity is designed with high-quality, convenience, and flexibility in mind. 

Our learners can be confident that they are consuming high-quality, innovative, and informative content that has been vetted and annually reviewed by an accreditation team from one of the most trusted world-leading accreditation offices.

Who should attend 

Anyone who works with people and/or has an interest in learning more about creating an inclusive space for all and unlocking their full potential.

What we'll learn

Key mindset strategies and leadership development topics that elevate personal and professional excellence.


Leading From a Trauma-Informed Lens

Enrollment opens back in April 2024

This four-part training series includes:
  • Understanding trauma and its impact
  • Identifying & managing secondary trauma
  • Trauma & marginalized communities
  • Implementing trauma-informed services, support, and programs

Going Beyond Compliance for DEI


This five-part training series includes:
  • Understanding DEI
  • Understanding Intersectionality
  • Creating a culture of care
  • Tracking and reporting DEI data
  • Creating sustainable DEI plans


Managing Burnout
  • Be able to identify signs & symptoms of professional burnout.
  • Explore various coping mechanisms and strategies to address professional burnout.
  • Utilize best practices to create a tangible self-care plan to prevent professional burnout. 
Trauma & Its Impact
  • Be able to identify how trauma presents and impacts survivors. 
  • Understand the differences between complex trauma and simple trauma.
  • Gain insight into how trauma impacts interpersonal relationships.
Belonging and Inclusive Language
  • Be able to identify what belonging and inclusive language mean to them.
  • Explore how belonging can impact one’s lived experience.
  • Examine current commonly used inclusive words. 
  • Be able to utilize inclusive language to advance equity and belonging.
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Discover how to embrace self-awareness and build unshakable confidence, freeing yourself from seeking validation from others.
  • Unlock the profound insights of emotional intelligence, using it as a mirror to understand your strengths, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

FREE Trainings

2023 Vision Planning
  • Explore proven techniques to create your own vision.
  • Establish a realistic action plan for your goals with accountability markers.
  • Be empowered to see yourself differently to ignite your superpower.
Mastering Mindset
  • Explore proven growth mindset techniques to create your definition of success.
  • Learn leadership development strategies and techniques for overcoming common challenges for women of color to build resilience and confidence in the workplace.

Our subject matter educator

Dr. Tamekia Scott

"Equity and access have been her focus for over 20 years. Dr. Scott has led a multitude of training opportunities and provided DEI support, which requires us to see ourselves differently.

In 2019/2020, Dr. Scott experienced professional burnout that resulted in her taking an emergency medical leave. After much-needed rest, healing, and research. Dr. Scott was able to redefine how she would show up in spaces for herself and others.

At the end of the day, Dr. Scott's passion and commitment are to make our world a more loving place for the next generation. 
I get to do this by centering my lived experience on utilizing trauma-informed practices to cultivate diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces that empower, see you and move us all toward our full potential.

Easy Access

All courses and trainings are presented in webinar format, meaning that you will only see the presenter(s) and their slides. Both courses and trainings, offer engagement opportunities via discussion boards, polling, and/or live chats. Additionally, available supporting documentation or resources used during the course or training will be provided. In-person training is also available - email us for more details.

Our ADA Commitment

EMC is committed to providing all Users equal access to Edquity-Minded Consulting, LLC’s services. To aid in creating an accessible learning environment for Users with disabilities, if you require alternative means of communication for program information (i.e.: large print, audiotape, etc.) or encounter barriers on your website, with using your products or services please contact us.

To learn more about EMC's policies and commitment statements be sure to visit our policies page.